Wednesday, June 8, 2011

U2 Concert Edmonton Alberta June 1

 A long time ago (18 months) in a faraway land (Alberta) a good looking fella bought his wife tickets to the U2 concert.  Then Bono needed back surgery, the concert was postponed, and the pair kind of forgot all about the concert for quite some time. 
The new concert, which had previously been scheduled on a weekend, was changed to a Wednesday night.  In June.  Which means chaos.  Hence, Jen sans makeup, just glad to be at the show.  Five kids at home on a school night who just had a supper of frozen perogies, with no parents around to tell them to get their pj's on and get to bed, it's a school night, don't you know?

 Here's a crowd shot, the show was sold out.  These photos are taken from an iphone, sorry for the quality.
And here's the claw.  Truly this was the best concert I've been to as far as the technical side goes.  It was an amazing light show, and the jumbotron screen was amazing, it lowered down and got all big and lacy looking.  The opening act was a band called The Fray, it wasn't really my thing.  I only know a couple of their songs, and the lead singer was the kind that closes his eyes while he's emoting.  Also not my thing.

Then there was a long break.  I decided to go to the ladies room before the band took the stage.  I walked into the foyer into a huge wall of people, then remembered how much I don't like to be touched.  Too late!  There were strangers pressing up around me from every side.  After half an hour of wiggling through the crowd to get to the bathroom, I managed to get back to our seats.  Scott then went to the men's room and was back in a flash.  Life really isn't fair for the fair sex, is it?

Finally, it was time for the show to start.  The sound system blasted Major Tom by David Bowie, and then the boys took the stage.  They strolled, lets just say.  No hurry, just moseyed on to the stage.  No pyrotechnics, no being lifted or lowered, no lights flashing, they just ambled out.  Very cool.  Nothing to prove. 

Bono was amazing, his voice is so strong!  The Edge was supercool too, it was so neat hearing all those guitar solos live.  I wish my sister could have seen Larry, the drummer, she kind of had a little crush on him in High School.  And Adam was keeping it all going with the bass.  They played some new stuff, and a lot of my old favorites.  The stage was set up so they could roam all over it, supposedly 360 degrees, but because of the set up of the stadium it wasn't really 360 degrees.  There was lots of political stuff in the concert, with messages on the jumbotron from Bishop Desmond Tutu and the recently released from house arrest President of Burma.  All in all, this was a great night, the weather was practically perfect (there was a small shower during Vertigo), and I'm so glad I finally, after all these years, got to see U2 live!

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  1. You saw U2 in concert?! How cool is that! I am a long-time fan. I love the combination of the rocky edginess of their music and the wisdom and spirituality of their lyrics. And as a guitar player myself, how can I not admire The Edge? Good to hear you had a good time!

    This Good Life