Monday, June 20, 2011

Review - The new X-men Movie!!

Last Friday night Scott and I escaped to the local movie theatre to watch the new X-Men Origins First Class movie!  Just fyi, my husband is a big fan of comic books, from the time he was a little snapper.  So, there is a knowledge base there, he knows the background information.  I have become a fan of the superhero genre since our marriage.  Having four boys has only helped this along.  Needless to say, there were some hopes and expectations in this new movie.

A brief recap of the movie - the characters of Magneto and Professor X are visited as children, both with very different backgrounds.  Magneto survived the death camps of WWII, and Professor X lived a life of privilege, also rescuing a young mutant known as Mystique.  Flash forward a few years later, and the two come together against a mutual foe during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  They gather together a group of young mutants to defeat their enemy, also a fellow mutant. 

The casting of Michael Fassbender as Magneto and James MacAvoy as Professor X was great!  Michael Fassbender is very captivating as the tortured anti-hero, and I really saw his point of view.  If I had been in his place, I would have been hard pressed not to make the same decisions.  James MacAvoy gave a wonderful performance as Professor X, even as a young man he gave the impression of authority and a strong moral centre.  The other young actors were equally good as the side kicks, with great back stories and training scenes.  Kevin Bacon was horribly good as the villain.  I think this movie was a great retooling of a franchise.  It was very clean, good storytelling, and felt more like a cold ward spy thriller with people who just happened to have super powers.  The costume design was very fun, I loved all the sixties style fashion. 

For parents with younger children, I know they're all going to want to see this very badly, but I wouldn't recommend it.  Some of the themes are very intense, in particular the ones dealing with retribution and vengeance.  There is some sensuality, and one scene in which there is foul language.  It also is very violent.  I know it's a superhero movie, but it's not for children. 

I enjoyed the ethical struggle between Professor X and Magneto, despite their strong feeling of brotherhood to one another.  This movie really leans towards the side of Magneto, and helps you to understand both he and Mystique, making them  much more interesting as villains. 

I really liked this movie a lot, and I'm looking forward to future installments in this line.

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