Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is not so much a tip as it is a confessional.  People.  Learn from my mistakes.  Do not - DO NOT - do not - (do not) let your laundry get ahead of you!  You will regret it.  If you take a load out of the dryer, for pete's sake fold it right away and put those socks right where they belong.  In the midst of a very busy gardening weekend, I processed lots of laundry.  I sorted, washed, dried.  But did I fold?  No, I did not.  And now, I am facing a herculean task, two huge piles of clean, completely wrinkled clothes waiting to be folded.  Not to mention my eighteen year old working man son of mine took a load of wet clothes out of the washer, and set them on top of the dryer, so that he could start washing his work clothes.  So there they sit, sort of dry on the top and wet in the middle, waiting for a chance to go in the dryer.  Sigh. 

I have a family of seven, one of whom does his own clothes.  Mostly.  This means I do a minimum of three loads of laundry a day, one white, one dark, and one colored.  Not to mention the days when I have extra stuff to wash, like bedding, or curtains, or the worst days of all in the laundry room, when the kids come home from camp.  Did you know that boys wear the same clothes the entire time they're at scout camp?  Their socks can stand up on their own by the end of the week.  Yet their entire pack of clothes needs to be washed because they reek of campfire and bug spray, plus all the wet gross food they jam in their pack as the week goes on.  Blech. 

 So please, dear friends, learn from my mistakes.  Take a few minutes and fold every load as it comes out of the dryer, you'll be ever so glad you did.  I'm off to dive into the mountain of socks and towels, say a prayer for me!

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  1. And we all know that laundry begets more laundry. If you leave it alone, you will come back to more. Keeping ahead of it is such a good idea.