Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cleaning the Microwave

Is there anything nastier than strolling into your spotless (*snort*) kitchen, opening up your microwave oven and - gasp! - discovering that some nameless entity has heated up a bowl of alphaghetti (or some other tomato based food) uncovered until the orange red sauce has splattered and cemented all over the inside of your previously immaculate (once again, *snort*) machine?  What do you do?  Round up the usual suspects and once again instruct them on the proper use of kitchen appliances?  Nah, who needs to see that glazed over look come into their eyes again? 

Just heave a big patient sigh, my friends, and do the following:

Eat a little chocolate (optional).
Get a medium sized microwaveable bowl.
Fill it with water. 
Squeeze in some lemon juice or a generous (really generous) splash of vinegar.
Place lemon water (or vinegar water) in microwave, turn on high for five minutes.
Enjoy the lovely aroma.
When the timer goes off, pull out the bowl, get a hot soapy cloth, and wipe out the inside of the microwave.

The lemon water/vinegar water cuts through the grease and crusty stuff on the inside of the microwave and makes it a snap to wipe it out.  Lots less elbow grease!  Now if someone can just tell me what contortionist moves it takes to clean the ceiling of the microwave without ending up with a wicked crick in your neck, I'd really appreciate it!

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