Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flylady Review

I'd like to spend my reviewing time wisely this week, by passing along the link to a website that I have found most helpful over the last many years.  I'm talking about the Flylady, baby!

What is Flylady, you ask?  Flylady is a lovely lady from the southern United States named Marla.  She is a doll!  Marla has created a website that shares her home organization system.  You see, she was one of those people who have a problem with clutter, and in desperation came up with a home keeping system that is so practical, one has to try it to believe it.  Mostly she focuses on forming good habits, and getting rid of clutter.  Because you can't organize clutter.  She is also very positive and encouraging, helping people take babysteps to a neat and organized home.  This is not a perfectionist system, one of her big pet peeves is perfectionism, which she believes leads to discouragement, disappointment, and a messy home. 

I started using her system years ago, when we were planning a big cross country move.  And if you're moving across Canada, that's a pretty big move.  I've been following her ever since, receiving daily email reminders about which weekly zone we're in, with little mini missions for each day.  She does have products available to buy, to help support her site, but I'm dirt cheap and don't order stuff over the internet. 

I invite you all to check out Flylady, I hope you find it as practical and useful as I have.

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