Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Calendar

Here's one thing I can't live without, a necessary tool for a large family.  A great big calendar on the fridge, with stickers if possible!  We have been using a family calendar for over a decade now, and it is indispensible.  I'm not going to recommend any particular brand, just make sure it has big spaces for writing on, especially if you have a big family.  I usually write our menu on our calendar as well, but decided to wing it for July.  Our kids know, if it's not on the calendar, it's not happening!  A calendar is only as good as the information written on it.  A calendar only works if you look at it every morning and every night (Thanks, Flylady!).  My kids now check the calendar themselves every day, and write their own activities on the calendar.  I know we're in a high tech world, and a calendar is as low tech as you can get, but having a central family calendar posted in a place every person goes more than once a day (the fridge) keeps our family on track.

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