Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Daily Dozen of Marriage

  1. Spend 5 minutes a day thinking positive thoughts about your spouse.
  2. Pay a genuine compliment every day.
  3. Do an act of service daily.
  4. Give a gesture of love every day.
  5. Spend at least 10-15 minutes each day sharing feelings.
  6. Help your spouse when you come home from work every day.
  7. Be supportive throughout the day.
  8. Be courteous every day to all family members.
  9. Forgive daily.
  10. Give your spouse a chance to grow every day.
  11. Study the scriptures together daily.
  12. Pray together every day.
In addition to the daily dozen, here are a weekly and a monthly bonus:
  • Weekly date.  Spend one evening a week together, just the two of you.  And be creative, don't make it a dinner and amovie every week.  Take turns planning something new.
  • Monthly temple date.  Go to the temple together at least monthly.
This daily dozen, plust two, can do wonders.  Try them out and find for yourself!

-Dee W. Hadley, marriage and family therapist, Institute of Religion, University of Utah.

photo - Scott's parents, Judy and Doug MacIntyre, who will be celebrating their 51st anniversary this month.


  1. Those are really useful and practical tips - and pretty easy to implement as well :)

    May I ask what it is like to go to the Temple with your spouse and what it is that you do there?

    This Good Life

  2. When Scott and I go to the Temple, we have the opportunity to remember and renew the covenants we made there together, which really strengthens our marriage. We usually go there with a purpose as well, to seek inspiration as husband and wife, mother and father, in leading our family. In the Temple, we receive for ourselves the ordinances necessary for exaltation, including marriage. After we have received these, we return to the Temple to perform these ordinances for our deceased ancestors, linking our families together throughout the generations.

  3. that's a wonderful explanation of the temple. We are taking our daughter through for her endowments on Thursday in anticipation for her marriage near the end of the month. I am so thrilled to be able to help my daughter with this important step.

  4. I can imagine the joy your family must be feeling, I'm so pleased for you!