Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things I've learned from my mother....Lemon Pledge

My mum and I talk on the phone a lot.  Now, you have to realize that I live near Edmonton, Alberta, and my mother lives in Upper Stewiacke, NS.  That's thousands of kilometres away.  So we have this awesome long distance plan, because I need unlimited long distance to talk to my mum!  We generally manage to solve the world's problems during our (very) long conversations.  We also love to talk about domestic things.  That's right, how to solve the world's small domestic problems.  Now this may not be the most scintillating conversation, but, hey, we live for the little things! 

My mother has some nice stainless steel appliances.  Now those of you with stainless steel appliances know the frustration of keeping them polished and streak free.  This can be really frustrating.  Mum tried lots of different stuff to clean her fridge, with no success.  It was still streaky.  And every time she touched it, more fingerprints and streaks.  This will make a girl go a little cra-Z.  One day, in desperation, she grabbed her can of Lemon Pledge and a clean cloth and sprayed down her fridge and gave it a quick polish.  To her wonderment and surprise, the fridge looked fantastic!  No streaks, nice and shiny.  Now, the great thing about the Lemon Pledge is that it repels streaks, so for a day or so no fingerprints showed up either!  So it saves a little work as well. 

So that's my Tuesday tip of the day - polish your stainless steel appliances with Lemon Pledge, and let me know if it works well for you as well! 

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