Monday, April 25, 2011

Minute to Win It - Games - Elephant March - NBC Site

Minute to Win It - Games - Elephant March - NBC Site

Johnny Applestack
 We are in the middle of planning our town's Dry Grad celebration, and decided on a Minute-To-Win-It theme for the activities. NBC has a great website for the show, with detailed instructions of all the games. This evening for family fun we tried out some of the games. It helped that at Sarah's recent YW activity night they played some of the games as well! Josh rocked at Johnny Applestack, he can stack five granny smith apples one on top of the other! Jeff, after some practice, rules at the Elephant March, knocking over water bottles using a tennis ball in the end of pantyhose worn on his head. Sarah is excellent at the Elephant March and the Nose Dive, transferring 5 cotton balls from one bowl to another using only her nose greased with handcream. Scott rocks at the one where you stack four paper cups inverted on recipe cards, and then pull the cards out so that the cups stack on each other. I've included the link for the Elephant March. Check out their website and try some of these games with your family, they're hilarious! And most of them use stuff that's just lying around the house. Have a fun family day!

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