Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bless This Mess

My name is Jen, I have been married (almost) twenty years to my sweetheart, Scott.

We have five wonderful children – Jason, Justin, Sarah, Jeffrey and Joshua.  We live in a small town just south of Edmonton, Alberta, called Beaumont.  The purpose of this blog is to “strengthen home and family.”  Over the past two decades I have collected lots of fun, silly, crazy, practical, wise, frugal, tasty and useful information that can be applied to raising a family, caring for a home, and strengthening marriages. 

I love lists, calendars and schedules, so I came up with a schedule for this blog.  Monday will be family activities, Tuesday will be tips.  Wednesday will be recipe posts, and Thursday will be home and garden.  Friday will be a weekly review of a book, movie/dvd, game or toy.  Saturday will be an inspirational, uplifting or humorous thought about families.  Sunday I will rest!

Why am I calling this blog “Bless This Mess”?  Well, family life is messy!  Parts of my house are clean, not always at the same time.  We have problems, some big, some small.  Mostly we get along with each other, sometimes there is friction.  But no matter what, Scott and I keep trying to do a little better every day.  Because family always comes first!


  1. Yay Jen.... Great blog. I am impressed with your scheduling! Those are high blogging goals! I just started our new family blog and pretty much did one entry for the first 3 months of 2011 hahahaahaa. My goal is once a month. Glad to see you on here. Makes you feel closer!
    Ps....was thinking of you yesterday as I ate a Hop-Sing egg roll ;)

  2. Hop Sing, sigh. Talk about making me homesick! Are you using the same blog, the Drage Diaries, or do you have a really brand new one?

  3. Jen, so good to see you on here! I will be a follower for sure..miss you!


  4. Thanks Monica! You know, Justin picked up on the whole "smother" thing back in NS, and uses it frequently!