Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mummy Dogs Recipe

Halloween is a really fun time of the year, but it doesn't really have a meal that is associated with it.  I've tried over the years to pick a Halloween-y meal that the kids can look forward to.  For a long while it was a chili night for a chilly night.  However, we have one person in our family that thinks chili is the most disgusting thing ever, so that meal idea went out the window.  About three or four years ago I stumbled upon a recipe for Mummy Dogs.  So our Halloween-y meal became a Hallo-weenie meal! 

Take a package of hot dogs and one recipe for biscuit dough.  You can use packaged biscuit dough (the kind that comes in the can) or your own recipe, or the biscuit mix.  I like my own recipe, which can be found in the recipe section here.  Take one hot dog, and wrap it in a long strand of biscuit dough, leaving a little face area clear at the top of the dog.  Bake it in the oven according to your biscuit recipe.  Remove from oven and put two little mustard dots on the face for eyes.  My kids, young and old, love this meal.  We serve it with rootbeer floats.  You could use vegan hot dogs, of course, or pre-cooked sausage links.  I like this recipe because it is really quick on a busy night, and lots of fun. 


  1. My kids love these. And what a clever idea to make them so perfect for Halloween! I always simply made them when I didn't have any buns and they have remained a family favourite!

  2. We don't really do halloween ... but these sound great for a kids party.