Friday, November 25, 2011

The Backyard Visitors

Now that winter has truly set in, it's time to focus on the visitors that come to our back yard when it's cold and snowy.  Here's a sweet little chickadee hanging out in the birdfeeder.

Another visit this week was a sassy bluejay who was enjoying the suet hanger.  I made my own suet bird concoction this weekend.  We had houseguests and I cooked a shocking amount of bacon.  I won't tell you how much, it's just wrong.  As my friend Stacey and I were staring at the prodigious amount of bacon grease waiting to be disposed of, I remembered something I had read in one of the boys Cub books recently.  Little birds need the fat from suet or bacon grease in our cold Canadian winters.  I grabbed a bowl, the grease and a big bag of birdseed, and added enough birdseed to the bacon fat to make something that looked like a seed muffin mix.  I spooned the mix into four muffin tin papers, and popped them in the fridge to cool.  Voila, little chilled suet balls, waiting to be used.  I put one on the birdfeeder a couple of days ago, and yesterday I saw a little chickadee picking away at it, so it was successful!  I hope he has a good cardiologist.

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