Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Setting the Table for Sunday Dinner

Sometimes a family activity can be more of a weekly tradition.  Every Sunday we have a more formal dinner.  We do have family dinner every night, with very few exceptions during the year.  I tend to serve these meals fairly casually, no fancy extras.  On Sundays I used to set the table with  table cloths, a centerpiece if available, and candles.  Lately I have gotten out of the habit, as it has been summertime and we've been barbecuing a lot.  This past Sunday I decided to resurrect the candles and nice place mats.  It was very pretty, and Sarah even decided to take a picture of the table!  (Which I haven't downloaded yet.)

What are the advantages of setting a more formal table for your family?  I think it makes your family feel really special.  My little guy, Josh, loves it when the candles come out.  It's an opportunity to use the nice things you have, instead of saving them for special occasions.  Eating dinner with your family is special already!  Decorating the table also feels more festive, and helps even more to set Sunday apart as a unique day in the week.  Setting the table nicely  is an opportunity for children to practice their table manners.  Something about nice cloths, candles and flowers makes everyone sit up a little straighter and try a little harder!  If your children are old enough, they can help make the table look beautiful, and learn where the forks and knives go at the same time.  If you're lucky, like me, and have teenagers, they can take over the task all by themselves. 

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  1. This gave me a lot to think about I would love to start a special tradition with my little family and Sunday dinners sound lovely.