Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last of the summer blooms....

Temperatures have dropped considerably since last weeks little summer blast.  We've gone from 30+ C down to 14 C this week.  Tuesday morning when I took Sarah to seminary the thermometer was reading 1 degree!  With a -1 degree windchill, no less.  We have not been touched by frost in our yard, although other areas have been, so I wanted to snap a few pics this morning to capture the yard in it's late summer glory.  Before it's destroyed by frost.  Sob.  Here's a shot of the rosehips on one of our bushes.  It's loaded with hips, which many will tell you is a sign of a hard winter coming.

My petunias were looking very leggy and shabby a few weeks ago, so I cut them back hard.  The result is one last burst of blooms for me to enjoy!  The shadow is the top of my giant head.  This is why I usually get Sarah or Scott to take my photos.

One of my favorite tomato plants this year is this Tumbling Tom.  It's still producing lots of little tomatoes.

The sunflowers are in full bloom, this variety is called Kong, and has not disappointed in it's claims!  The wind is really blowing today, you can see them swaying in the wind.

I just love my sunflowers, they're so cheery!  And really, I just love to grow something that reaches 12 feet in height.  How often do you get to grow something that big? 


  1. Mom and I really liked your pictures. Mom says don't lose them, she really loves them, especially the rose hips. She agreed with you, they don mean a hard winter.

  2. Nice to see your blog again - I've been so busy! :)

    The rosehip looks beautiful. And it does sound like Fall has come in earnest for you guys. Enjoy the last bits of summer while you can!

    This Good Life