Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ice Blocking

Yes, I live in Canada.  No, this is not what our summer looks like.  This is New Year's Day, 2008.  I wanted to write a quick post on Reverse Sledding, or Ice Blocking, but I couldn't find any of my ice-blocking pictures anywhere!  How can you digitally lose something?  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Ice blocking is a great summertime activity for older kids.  All you need is a block of ice, a towel to sit on, and a big old hill to fly down.  We can't buy blocks of ice here, all the ice is cubed, so I make my own blocks.  I just freeze water in a dollar store basin in the deep freeze.  Big enough for your backside, thank you very much.  And no comments, please.  If you want to customize it by dying it with food coloring, or freezing in a rope handle, you can.  In the above picture, imagine it's July, not January, and that the boys are wearing shorts and t-shirts, not snowsuits.  Imagine the grass is green and the trees are green and the sky is blue.  Imagine they're sitting on ice blocks, not saucers.  It's fun to link together on your way down the hill.  The first few runs are a little slow, until you get a nice track going, and then, you FLY!  Short grass is faster than unmowed grass.

Be prepared for wipeouts.  Lots and lots of wipeouts.  Make sure the track is clear before you go down, so you don't fly into anyone.  This is seriously faster than sledding, people.

Pile up at the bottom of the hill!  Clean up on aisle three!  Look, they're laughing, no permanent damage done! 

And, just like sledding, you have to climb up to the top of the hill over and over and over again.  Except no snowdrifts, snowpants or big old snow boots.

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  1. Another terrific idea I've never heard of before! Where do you come up with these? What fun!